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We love to listen to songs, but we have issues related to vocals in some songs. So, today we will teach you how to remove vocals from a song. So, let us begin.


We will just need one tool to remove the vocals from the song.


Steps To Remove Vocals From A Song

Step 1: The first step is downloading and installing the Audacity Software on the system. Once you are done with the installation, open it and create a new project.

Downloading the Software

Step 2: The second step is to insert the song into the workstation or you can directly drag and drop the song into the workstation

Adding the Song

Step 3: The next step is to go to the top left corner of the soundtrack and then click on the drop-down arrow that is available to the song name. Then, click on the “Split Stereo Track” option.

Split the Stereo Track

Splitting the Track

Step 4: Now to choose the bottom track, double click on the blue section of the lower track and it will turn into a dark grey colour shade as compared to another track.

Select the Bottom Track

Choosing the Track

Step 5: The following step is to click on the Effect button and then click on the “Invert” button and it will flip around the lower track.

Invert the Bottom Track

Clicking on Invert Option

Step 6: Now, once again go back to the drop-down arrow that you can find next to the song a name. Then click on the “Mono” option.

Clicking on Mono Option

Step 7: Once you are done click on the play button available on the top. It will play the song and you can check it.

Playing the Song

Step 8: Click on the “File” Tab and then click on the “Export” button.

Exporting the Song

Step 9: Choose the destination location and provide a name.

Choosing The Destination

Step 10: Once the song is successfully exported click on the “Ok” button.

Edited Song


  • We recommend you save the edited song with another name and at another file location.

Things To Remember

  • Some songs have vocals and they cannot be removed.


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