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We generally have a lot of waste material at our respective houses. But, do you ever feel inclined to show some creativity and do something fun? It can be quite interesting to transform waste material into a useful thing. Do you know how to reuse waste soda bottles?

Well, this is one of the most common things when we talk about making something good out of waste material. One of the things you can make using a waste soda bottle is a pen holder. Have you ever tried it? It gives a special feel to keep your pens and pencils in a pen holder that you have made on your own. So, let us get ready to know how to make a pen holder out of a waste bottle.




  • Soda bottle
  • Glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Colors

Steps To Make A Pen Holder With A Waste Soda Bottle

Step 1: Take an empty soda bottle, remove its label and wash it well to get rid of any residue glue.

wash the bottle

Wash the bottle

Step 2: With the help of the cutter, cut the upper part of the bottle to separate it from the bottom.

cut the the upper part

Cut the upper part

Step 3: Now, take the scissors and make the border even and smooth.

make the border smooth

Make the border smooth

Step 4: Take the tissue paper and tear it down into small pieces without using scissors.

cut down the tissue paper

Cut down the tissue paper

Step 5: Now, with the help of a thick brush, apply glue to the bottle.

apply glue on the bottle

Apply glue on the bottle

Step 6: After that, take the tissue paper pieces and start sticking them on the bottle and make sure the whole bottle is covered.

paste the tissue on paper bottle

Paste the tissue paper on the bottle

Step 7: Put it aside for some time to dry, and you can apply a second layer the same way if you want.

dry the bottle

Dry the bottle

Step 8: Now, show your creativity by painting the bottle with colors and designing it whichever way you like.

paint the bottle

Paint the bottle

Step 9: Put the pen holder on a table and keep your pens and pencils in it.

soda bottle pen holder

Soda bottle pen holder


While you work on making a pen holder with a waste soda bottle, reuse it in a good way, you must make sure that you keep some important things in mind, which include:

  • Handle the cutter with extreme caution.
  • Make sure that you take precautions while using scissors.
  • Take exact measurements and cut smoothly for better finishing.

Now, this was one of the numerous ways to show your creativity if you didn’t know how to reuse waste soda bottles. You know the steps to transform a plain soda bottle into a beautiful pen holder, so what are you waiting for? Keep all those steps in mind and make one for yourself.



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