How To Turn Old Bottles Into Picture Frame

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Since digital technology has made it easier for us to print out fantastic photos regularly, why not make your bottle picture frames to display them in? Yes, so we are here with the tutorial on how to turn old bottles into picture frame.

You should know that these are even available in the market nowadays. And these are inexpensive when compared to the cost of high-quality photograph frames and will help bring the fun back into your life.

When you consider the materials required to make a bottle photo frame, you will be astonished at how little you truly require. You can construct your lovely bottle frame with just a few basic materials. So read this page to learn how to do it.


Now let us have a look at the important supplies that are needed to do this DIY project.


  • Glass wine bottle


Steps To Turn Old Bottles Into Picture Frame

These are the steps you’re supposed to follow to turn old bottles into picture frames.

Step 1: First, thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your empty wine or spirits bottle. To help remove the label simpler, soak it thoroughly first. Dry the outside and shake out as much water as possible on the interior. Allow drying thoroughly inside and out in a warm location, such as an airing cupboard.

Clean the bottle

Step 2: You can do it by hand or with a paper funnel, but make sure to gently pour in the sand, small pebbles, and seashells in that sequence.

Fill in stuff

Step 3: After that, you must work swiftly. Roll up the photograph you want to put in the bottle and insert it through the bottleneck, making sure it’s the right way up. Use the pen to unroll the photograph, so it sets out as soon as it’s in the bottle. Allow it to settle in the shells and pebbles, which will help it stay erect.

Fit the picture

Step 4: The manner you embellish the bottle’s top can make all the difference. Cut a slit in the top of the bottle after partially inserting a cork. This will be used to hold decorative discs. To add a touch of sophistication, wrap the rest of the exposed cork in copper wire. And now it’s time to put your frame together.

Bottle frame

Well, it was extremely easy, right? Then give it a quick try and use it as decoration. I hope this post on How To Turn Old Bottles Into Picture Frame would have helped you.


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