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We grow plants with the traditional method. But have you ever wondered if there is an alternative process to grow the plants quickly? So, today we will gain knowledge about Hydroponics as a science project. In today’s article, we will demonstrate and understand Hydroponics.


Make a list of all the resources before proceeding with the experiment. They are as follows:


  • Ruler


  • Bean plant seeds
  • Four plastic plant pots
  • One bag of potting soil
  • Two to four gallons of distilled water
  • Two peat pellets
  • Two potting nets for hydroponic growing
  • Journal

Steps For Hydroponics

Step 1: Take two soil pots filled with soil. Plant the beans, plant seeds about ¼ to ½ inch into the soil, and cover it with the sprinkling soil. Make sure all the factors are non-existent or low because minute changes such as sunlight can affect the Hydroponics experiment.

Two Pots I

Two Pots II

Two Pots

Step 2: Now, take the hydroponic pots by keeping them in a peat pellet and saturating them with the water to help them get puffed up. But you should ensure that the bean plants are covered with the peat before planting.

Hydroponic pots in a peat pellet

Hydroponic pots in a peat pellet

Step 3: Take the other two pots and fill them with distilled water. Keep the hydroponic potting nets over the pots and make sure that the water should touch the nets. Keep the peat pellets with the seeds available inside the nets.

Hydroponic Potting nets over the pots

Hydroponic Potting nets over the pots

Step 4: You must water the soil plants continuously for three days. Similarly, for hydroponic pots, sprinkle some water on the peat pellet, which will keep the pellet moist. As the roots start to grow, they will move down into the water pot.

Roots start to grow

Roots start to grow

Step 5: Start measuring the hydroponic bean plants. Make a schedule or a daily practice to measure the plants. Record the data in millimeters, measure the plant’s length, and note how fast they are growing. Lastly, compile the results chart.

Hydroponics Science Project

Measuring the plants

Things To Remember

  • It will help if you remember to keep the hydroponic pot completely filled.



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