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Introduction of the Project

Are you looking to enhance your SAP UI5 experience with the power of data-driven decision-making? Look no further! We will provide you with the solution by teaching you how to integrate Qualtrics Surveys in SAP UI5 using JavaScript. With this integration, you can easily collect, manage and analyze survey data without requiring manual data entry.

Qualtrics is a leading survey software that provides a comprehensive platform for creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys. SAP UI5, on the other hand, is a user-friendly and versatile platform for building web applications. By combining these two technologies, you can streamline your survey management process, get access to valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Whether you’re looking to conduct market research, collect customer feedback, or gather employee opinions, integrating Qualtrics Surveys in SAP UI5 using JavaScript will help you achieve your goals. Get started now and experience the benefits of a seamless, data-driven process!”


To integrate Qualtrics Surveys in SAP UI5 using JavaScript, you will need the following:

1. An active Qualtrics account

2. SAP UI5 development environment (e.g., SAP Web IDE)

3. Basic knowledge of JavaScript

4. Understanding of REST APIs and web services

5. Familiarity with SAP UI5 development concepts and architecture

6. Access to Qualtrics API Key and Survey ID

7. A web browser to test the integration

Note: Some specific requirements may vary depending on your organization’s setup and the specific use case for the integration.

What Are The Different Types of Qualtrics Integration?

Qualtrics provides several types of integrations to help organizations seamlessly integrate their survey data into their existing systems and workflows. Some of the common types of Qualtrics integrations include:

1. API Integration: A programmatic way to access and manipulate survey data, automate workflows, and integrate with other systems.

2. Webhooks Integration: A way to trigger actions in other systems based on specific survey events, such as a respondent submitting a survey.

3. Embed Integration: A way to embed Qualtrics surveys into websites or applications using iFrame or JavaScript.

4. Zapier Integration: A way to connect Qualtrics with over 2,000 other web applications using Zapier.

5. Salesforce Integration: A way to integrate Qualtrics survey data with Salesforce to improve customer insights, support, and engagement.

6. Marketo Integration: A way to integrate Qualtrics survey data with Marketo to enhance marketing automation and customer engagement.

These are just some of the common types of Qualtrics integrations. Depending on your organization’s needs and goals, there may be other integrations that are more relevant for you.

Steps For Creating A Survey On Qualtrics

Step 1: Firstly, you need to Log in to your Qualtrics account. Login Link:

Steps For Creating A Survey On Qualtrics

If you don’t have an account, then create one using this link:

Steps For Creating A Survey On Qualtrics

Step 2: Click on “Create Survey” button. This will start a new survey.

Step 3: Choose the survey type and select a template, or you can start from scratch.

Step 4: Customize your survey by adding questions as per your requirement. And also do formatting and branding.

Step 5: Preview the survey to make sure it looks and functions as you intended.

Step 6: Set up email invitations and reminders for respondents.

Step 7: Choose a method to distribute the survey, such as sending an email or embedding the survey on a website.

Step 8: Launch the survey and start collecting responses.

Step 9: Analyze the data and review the results of your survey.

Step 10:  Use the insights that you gathered from the survey to make calculative decisions and improve your business processes.

Steps For Creating A Survey On Qualtrics

These steps are just a general overview of the process of how to create a survey on Qualtrics. The specific details and options available will depend on your use cases, such as your Qualtrics account and the type of survey you will create.

Getting The Code Snippet From Qualtrics

To get the code snippet, you need to upgrade your account, as it is not supported in a free account. This snippet will be used for both script-based and plugin-based integration. To get the code snippet, visit settings and then click on deployment, as shown below:

Integrate Qualtrics Surveys In SAP UI5 Using JavaScript

Now, you can code this snippet and use the same in UI5:

Integrate Qualtrics Surveys In SAP UI5 Using JavaScript

Steps To Integrate Qualtrics In SAP UI5 using JavaScript Snippet

Qualtrics SAP integration

Step 1: Create a Qualtrics survey and obtain the snippet code.

Step 2: In the UI5 application, add the snippet in controller init (or any other function that you can trigger as per your requirement.

Step 3: Save and run the UI5 application to see the Qualtrics survey integrated as a sidebar.

Note: Remember to configure the Qualtrics survey so that it is accessible from the UI5 application. Additionally, be aware of the security considerations when using snippets in your application.

Source Code


<mvc:View controllerName="Qualtrics.Qualtrics.controller.Qualtrics" xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc" displayBlock="true" xmlns="sap.m"
<Shell id="shell">
<App id="app">
<Page id="page" title="Qualtrics Integration in SAP UI5 using JS Code">


], function (Controller) {
"use strict";
return Controller.extend("Qualtrics.Qualtrics.controller.Qualtrics", {
onInit: function () {
var snippet =
'var g=function(e,h,f,g){this.get=function(a){for(var a=a+"=",c=document.cookie.split(";"),b=0,e=c.length;b<e;b++){for(var d=c[b];" "==d.charAt(0);)d=d.substring(1,d.length);if(0==d.indexOf(a))return d.substring(a.length,d.length)}return null};this.set=function(a,c){var b="",b=new Date;b.setTime(b.getTime()+6048E5);b="; expires="+b.toGMTString();document.cookie=a+"="+c+b+"; path=/; "};this.check=function(){var a=this.get(f);if(a)a=a.split(":");else if(100!=e)"v"==h&&(e=Math.random()>=e/100?0:100),a=[h,e,0],this.set(f,a.join(":"));else return!0;var c=a[1];if(100==c)return!0;switch(a[0]){case "v":return!1;case "r":return c=a[2]%Math.floor(100/c),a[2]++,this.set(f,a.join(":")),!c}return!0};this.go=function(){if(this.check()){var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.src=g;document.body&&document.body.appendChild(a)}};this.start=function(){var t=this;"complete"!==document.readyState?window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",function(){t.go()},!1):window.attachEvent&&window.attachEvent("onload",function(){t.go()}):t.go()};};try{(new g(100,"r","QSI_S_ZN_eDoIXhSDN98YlPo","")).start()}catch(i){}';
var functionCall = new Function(snippet);
return (functionCall());

Output of UI5

Integrate Qualtrics Surveys In SAP UI5 Using JavaScript

Survey Results at Qualtrics

Integrate Qualtrics Surveys In SAP UI5 Using JavaScript

We have successfully completed this project to Integrate Qualtrics Surveys In SAP UI5 Using JavaScript. If you have any queries or doubts. You can comment below, and we will guide you.


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