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A kidney is an important part of our urinary system. Healthy kidneys clean up around half a cup of blood every minute. Kidneys help our body to remove excreta and toxic fluids from our body. It also removes the acid produced by the cells. Representing the working of the kidney through a model is an exciting task and also easy to make. You can prepare it with readily available tools and materials. So let’s start making your Kidney working model for a science project.



  • Cardboard
  • Chart paper
  • Thin Cardboard
  • Bottle
  • Colored Paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Medical tubes

Steps To Make A Kidney Working Model For Science Project

Step 1: Take the cardboard and wrap it with your favourite colour chart paper.

take cardboard

Step 2: Prepare the parts of the kidney with the help of the cardboard sheet and origami paper.


parts of the kidney

origami paper

Step 3: Now, glue everything to the cardboard, as shown below.


glue everything  

to the cardboard

Step 4: Now, cut out the non-essential piece as shown below.

cut the essential

Step 5: Now, make a cardboard stand as explained below in the picture.

                                              make cardboard


Step 6: Now, cut out the bottle from the top and the bottom.

top and the bottom

Step 7: Make two holes in the cap.

holes in the cap

Step 8: Insert two medical tubes in the respective holes and glue them to the cap.

glue them to the cap

Step 9: Now prepare the label for each part.

label for each part

Step 10: Make the six holes at different places. Make one hole above the kidney and one hole below it. And make one hole beside the urethra. Do the same for the opposite side. Now insert the pipes in the respective holes. Look at the picture for reference.

six holes

Step 11: Glue the pipe to the cardboard sheet.

glue the pipe

Step 12: Put the prepared model over the stand and the bottom of the bottle under it.

working kidney model for science project

And you have a working kidney model ready.


  • Try to prepare the parts beforehand.
  • Stick everything properly.

Points to remember

Handle the tools safely.



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