Marvellous Magnetics

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In this experiment, “marvellous magnetics”, with the help of diamagnetism, we will be determining how several materials such as aluminium foil, graphite, plastic, and paper affect the levitation of a magnet.


To perform this experiment, we hypothesised that the control would require the most distance for the lifter magnet to lower. And due to being one of the strongest diamagnetic materials, graphite would require the least distance for the lifter magnet to lower. The control lifts the floater magnet because of the absence of any diamagnetic material for the levitation process.


To determine how aluminium foil, graphite, paper, and plastic affect the levitation of a magnet.


1. Levitation Pedestal

2. Flat surface

3. Graphite

4. Plastic

5. Paper

6. Aluminum foil

7. Notebook


Step 1: Take a levitation pedestal and place it on a flat surface.

Step 2: Avoid placing any magnetic material near this flat surface.

Step 3: Place the graphite on the lower arm of the pedestal.

Step 4: On top of the pedestal, place the magnet.

Step 5: Slowly turn the adjustment screw. Keep rotating the screw until the magnet doesn’t start levitating.

Step 6: Repeat this experiment with different materials. Such as paper, plastic, and aluminium foil.

Step 7: After experimenting with these materials. Test the experiment with a controller.

Step 8: Record your observations in your notebook.


1. We observed that the more the number, the greater the presence of magnetic force in a material.

2. The control (no material) and aluminium foil showed the same result: an average of 12mm.

3. The plastic material acquired on an average of 12.1 mm.

4. Graphite acquired the least distance of 10.2 mm.

5. Paper acquired on an average of 11.7 mm.


1. The hypothesis in which we assumed that the control would require the longest distance and graphite would require the shortest distance for the lifter magnet to lower was correct.

2. Our hypothesis, in which we assumed that the graphite would be the most diamagnetic material among all the materials, was also correct.

3. No material and aluminium foil showed the same result.

4. From this experiment, we can also conclude that various technologies in the world run on magnetism like the fastest train in Japan.


1. Do not place any magnet near during experimentation.

2. Note down your observation carefully.


In this experiment, we determined how different materials affect levitation.

Viva Questions With Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. We aimed to determine how the levitation gets affected by different materials.

Q.2 What do you understand by levitation?

ANS. The process by which a material is being held in the air against gravity without any kind of mechanical support, is termed Levitation.

Q.3 What do you understand about Lifter Magnet?

ANS. A lifter magnet is an instrument that can move steel materials.


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