Observation of Gas in the Infrared Spectrum

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In this experiment, we will be discussing the ability of the chemical composition of gas to perform the absorption and transmission of infrared radiation by concealing a light source with a visible transmitted gas.

Our experiment also includes the study of infrared light transmitted through the gas.


To conceal the light source with a visibly transmitted gas.


To perform this experiment, we hypothesised that the composition of gas does affect infrared viewing.


1. PVC pipes

2. Spectroradiometer

3. 8-12 micron infrared camera that has a digital imagery

4. Sulfur Hexafluoride

5. Carbon Dioxide

6. Tetrafluoroethane

7. Ammonia Isopropyl Alcohol

8. Acetone

9. Freon 13

10. Resmethrin

11. A can of air.

12. A blackbody

13. Notebook


Step 1: Using the PVC pipe, construct a (5“ X 29 ½ “) gas cell.

Step 2: Connect this cell with a spectroradiometer that operates between 2.2 and 14.5 micrometres.

Step 3: Use a black body that would act as a constant heat source.

Step 4: Perform the testing with various gasses such as Sulfur HexaFluoride, TetraFluoroethane, Carbon dioxide, Ammonia, Acetone, and Isopropyl Alcohol, Freon 13, a can of air, and Resmethrin.

Step 5: Use an 8 to 12-micron infrared camera to click photos before and during testing.

Step 6: Test the gasses in a controlled environment.

Step 7: Record your observations.


1. With the help of a wide range SR5000 spectroradiometer, we were able to look at one micron at one time for each gas.

2. With the gathered information, we were able to proceed with the infrared imaging system on the same gasses to look visually for the concealing of the heat source.


1. Our hypothesis in which we assumed that the chemical composition affects the transmissivity in the infrared spectrum is true.

2. We observed that the chemical composition of gas directly affects the transmissivity of the infrared spectrum.

3. Among all, the can of air had the higher area of absorption which results in low transmission of infrared area. And this causes some occur in the infrared spectrum.


1. Wear gloves to perform this experiment.

2. Click pictures more often during experiments.


In this experiment, we determined how the chemical composition of gas affects the absorption and transmission of infrared radiation.

Viva Questions With Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. We aimed to determine the effect of the chemical composition of gas on the transmission and absorption of infrared radiation.

Q.2 Which material caused more obscuring in the infrared spectrum?

ANS. A can filled with air caused the more obscuring in the infrared spectrum?

Q.3 Does the composition of gas affect its infrared viewing?

ANS. Yes, the composition of gas does affect its infrared viewing?


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