Redheads, Blondes or Brunettes

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In this experiment, we will be determining the color of the hairs (redheads, blondes or brunettes) that can lighten faster under the ultraviolet bulb and the sun.


To find out the hair color which can be lightened faster in an ultraviolet bulb as well as under the sun among various hair colours.


We hypothesised that the synthetic color would produce no effect on the color of the

Different types of colour of hair


1. Four natural colours of hair such as black, light brown, dark brown, and black.

2. Two synthetic colours of hair, such as blonde and red.

3. Wood

4. Nails

5. Hinges

6. UV bulb

7. Electric cord

8. Cardboard box

9. Sticky papers

10. Clothespins

11. Color chart

12. Notebook


Step 1: To perform, we used six different colours of hair. Of these six colours of hair, four were natural, and two were synthetic. The natural colours of hair were red, dark brown, light brown, and black. While the synthetic color of hair was red and blonde. Apart from this, all the pieces of hair were about 18.5mm long.

Step 2: We used wood, nails, and hinges to build a UV box.

Step 3: After creating the UV box, we put UV inside of it.

Step 4: With the help of an electric cord, we plugged the bulb in.

Step 5: We took a cardboard box and placed hair on it for the second experiment.

Step 6: Then, we covered the hair with sticky paper.

Step 7: We kept this cardboard under the sun.

Step 8: With the help of a colour chart, we compared the colour hairs we obtained in both the experiment and recorded our observations.


1. We observed that the Red color of hair lightened faster when placed under the sun with two shades.

2. Under the UV, we found that there were no colours of hair that changed and got lighter.

3. The second colour which got lightened under the sun was the synthetic red colour. The synthetic red colour produced two shaded when placed under the sun.

4. When placed under the sun, the light brown colour of hair lightened with one shade.

5. The synthetic blond colour of hair also got lightened with one side when placed under the sun.

6. However, dark brown and black did not get lightened at all.


1. Therefore, according to our result, the red natural colour of the hair lightened fastest when kept under the sun.

2. The ultraviolet rays did not affect the colour of the hair. This indicates that the sun’s rays have something else that is different from the ultraviolet rays.


1. Secure the hair with the help of a clothespin.

2. Use the string to tie the hair together.


In this experiment, we determined which color of hair can get lightened most under the presence of ultraviolet rays and sun rays.

Viva Questions With Answers

Q.1 What was the aim of your experiment?

ANS. We aimed to determine the hair colour that could lighten most under the sun and UV rays.

Q.2 Which colour of hair gets lightened most under sunlight?

ANS. Natural red hair gets lightened most under sunlight, followed by synthetic red.

Q.3 Which colour of hair got lightened the most under a UV bulb?

ANS. UV light produced no effect on the colour of the hair.

Q.4 Which colour of hair produced two shades when placed under the sun?

ANS. Natural red and synthetic red.

Q.5 Which colour of hair produced one shade when placed under the sun?

ANS. Natural light brown and synthetic blonde.

Q.6 Which colour of hair produced no shades when placed under the sun?

ANS. Natural black and natural dark brown.


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