How To Make A Robotic Arm For Science Project

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If you’re interested in robotics and looking to do something related to robots for your science project or exhibition, you are in the right place. You can make a robotic arm for your science project. It is an exciting and fun task to do. You also need not run here and there to collect the stuff required for a robotic arm. Just get cardboard and some thread, and that is enough.


Before making anything, it’s pretty much better to gather all the required stuff in one place to avoid any fuss.



  • Adhesive
  • Thread
  • Small thread holder
  • Cardboard

Steps To Make A Robotic Arm For Science Project

Step 1: Take cardboard of the size you want your robotic hand to be.

hand to be

Step 2: Draw a hand with three fingers and a thumb and cut it out.

cut it out

Step 3: With the help of the scale, make the proper bends of the fingers.

of the fingers 1

of the fingers 2

Step 4: Then, take two longer rectangular cardboards and two shorter ones.

two shorter ones

Step 5: Now, take longer cardboard; put glue on it. Then, place the hand over it. Then stick the shorter ones on it. Later, glue the longer cardboard as well.

cardboard as well 1

cardboard as well 2

Step 6: Now, with the help of thinner cardboard, make hand-holders represented in the picture below.

picture below 1

picture below 2

Step 7: Now, stick the thread holders in the way shown below in the picture. Later, insert the thread or wool in the holes and glue it to the fingertips.

to the fingerprints 1

to the fingerprints 2

Step 8: Now, at the end of the thread, make finger holders.

robotic arm for science project

Step 9: Now, insert your fingers into the finger holes and take control of the robotic hand.

How To Make A Robotic Arm For Science Project


  • Instead of thread, try to use wool.
  • Apply the proper amount of glue.
  • Let the glue dry before you move on to the next step.



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