Step By Step Guide On Making Bows

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Are you tired of using store-bought bows that lack personality? Have you ever wondered how to create stunning bows that perfectly complement your gifts and decorations? If yes, worry no more as we are going to teach you about making bows at home easily.

Today, we will delve into the enchanting world of bow-making. Imagine the satisfaction of crafting beautiful bows from scratch, as per your unique style. No matter whether you are a skilled crafter or a novice, you can make bows easily.

So, get ready to unleash your imagination and dive into the art of bow-making with us. Are you ready to elevate your crafting game and decorate your world with handmade bows? So, let’s get started!


First of all, you need to gather a few supplies in order to make bows on your own.


Before diving into your bow-making adventure, you need to gather the given tools:

  • Scissors: Sharp scissors are crucial for cutting ribbons and ensuring clean edges.
  • Ruler: A ruler helps you measure and cut ribbons accurately.
  • Hot Glue Gun: This will be used to secure the layers of your bow together.
  • Ribbons: Choose a variety of ribbons in different colors, patterns, and widths to create diverse bows.
  • Embellishments: Optional embellishments such as beads, pearls, or faux flowers can add flair to your bows.


Now that you have your tools ready, let’s talk about the materials you’ll need:

  • Ribbon: Select a ribbon in your desired colors and patterns. Satin, grosgrain, and organza are popular choices.
  • Wire: Thin floral wire or twist ties will be used to cinch the center of your bow.
  • Embellishments: Gather any additional embellishments you’d like to incorporate into your bows.

Steps To Make Bows At Home

You need to follow these simple steps if you want to create your own bows:

Step 1: Cut the Ribbon

Step By Step Guide On Making Bows

Cutting a ribbon

Cut the ribbon to your desired length, leaving extra for tails.

Step 2: Create Loops

Step By Step Guide On Making Bows

Creating two loops

Fold the ribbon into loops, alternating sides to create layers.

Step 3: Secure Loops

Step By Step Guide On Making Bows

Securing the loops

Use wire or twist ties to cinch the center of the loops tightly.

Step 4: Fluff and Shape

Step By Step Guide On Making Bows

Giving the bow the right shape

Gently separate and fluff the loops to create a full, voluminous bow.

Step 5: Cut the Tails

Cut the Tails

Cutting the tails of the bow

Fold the tails of the bow vertically and make a slant cut to give the perfect shape.

Step 6: Burn the Ends

Burn the Ends

The bow is ready

Take a lighter or candle and slightly burn the ends in order to secure them, and the bow is ready.


  1. Experiment with different ribbon widths and textures to create unique bows.
  2. Practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to try different techniques and styles.
  3. Get creative with embellishments to customize your bows for any occasion.

Things to Remember

  1. Keep scissors sharp for clean cuts and smooth edges.
  2. Use a hot glue gun safely to avoid burns.
  3. Have fun and enjoy the process of creating beautiful bows!

Now that you know about making bow at home, get ready to make some for yourself. Without wasting any more time, collect all the necessary supplies and get started.

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