Top 10 Best Biomedical Engineering Project Ideas

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Biomedical Engineering, also known as Medical Engineering, deals with designing and developing healthcare and medical-related machines and systems. This field of engineering is behind advancing the healthcare industry by proposing advanced treatments of diseases and building effective devices for physically challenged people. So today, we will discuss the top 10 best biomedical engineering project ideas which you can build to provide an innovative solution to the current medical situation.

Students who study biomedical engineering are called biomedical engineers. By developing and designing different software, they build machines for medical purposes. Biomedical engineering was not a core field, but it has proven itself among the already established areas in recent years. To get a biomedical engineering degree, students must submit at least one project at the end of the last semester. So let’s dive deep into exploring these project ideas.

1. Fog Handwash

It has always been recommended by doctors and health experts to clean hands several times a day thoroughly. The reason is that most infectious disease enters our body through hands only. However, washing our hands multiple times could lead to the wastage of water, which later can lead to an even bigger problem. Fog handwash technology is the solution to this problem, which will clean your hands without wasting water. The machine is effective because of fog. Where water can take up to 15 to 20 seconds, this machine will only take 5 to 15 seconds to wash your hands thoroughly because fog in the gaseous state tends to cover more area.

Top 10 Best Biomedical Engineering Project Ideas

2. Heart Rate Monitor

Taking care of your health is as important as anything else. There are different kinds of monitoring devices in the market, for instance, a BP monitor for measuring blood pressure, thermometers for measuring body temperature, diabetic monitors for checking diabetes, and heart rate monitors for measuring heartbeat. However, those devices are costly. For your biomedical engineering project, you can build an Arduino-based heart rate monitoring device that can count the number of heartbeats in one minute. A sensor attached to the system senses the heartbeat upon putting a finger on it.

Top 10 Best Biomedical Engineering Project Ideas

3. Telephone Dialing System For Blind

All our technologies today are useless if we cannot build a simple device to help blind people. The world is getting increasingly advanced, but the advancement should be for every person. There are a lot of people who are either blind by birth or through any accident. Knowing how to use a telephone for dialing is a must in today’s world so that you can dial the emergency number in time of emergency. Therefore, it is essential to build innovative applications in this field. For your biomedical engineering project, you can consider making a telephone dialing application for the blind.

Top 10 Best Biomedical Engineering Project Ideas

4. Fall Detection Sensor for The Elderly

Falling is casual yet damaging; it depends on the person’s age. Children often fall when they learn to walk, but nothing or very little happens to them. On the contrary, falling can be a damaging event for an older adult. Therefore, there is an essential need for the development of fall detection systems for the elderly. You can consider building a fall detection sensor for the elderly for your biomedical engineering project.

Top 10 Best Biomedical Engineering Project Ideas

5. Artificial Kidney

In today’s world, kidney failure patients have to go through dialysis every three times a week for a long duration. Dialysis is a temporary and costly solution. Many researchers from different parts of the world are trying to solve the issue by building an artificial kidney. It is said that the artificial kidney can be used as a replacement for a natural kidney. This kidney will work similarly to a natural kidney and save millions of dollars.

Top 10 Best Biomedical Engineering Project Ideas

6. Smart Watch For The Aged

A smartwatch is like attaching a mini smartphone to the wrist of your hand. Like a simple smartphone, smartwatches allow you to call and message people. It also synchronizes weather, date, and time. Apart from all these, the smartwatch can monitor your heart rate, how many steps you take in a day, what distance you have traveled, tracks how good your sleep was, your pulse rate, etc. Some smartwatches can even track the location of people. Many older adults suffer from diseases like health issues, diabetes, etc., which can affect their day-to-day activity. Therefore, it is vital to take care of them. Making a smartwatch for the aged for your biomedical engineering project will be a good idea.

Top 10 Best Biomedical Engineering Project Ideas

7. Mountain Climber Health And GPS Monitor

Many mountain climbers climb various mountains every year, yet only a few make it to the top. The reason is the presence of less oxygen and the absence of any tracking system. Whenever a mountain climber faces a severe accident, the news takes several hours to several days to reach the rescue team. Even worse, after receiving the news of the accident, the rescue team cannot reach the place immediately because they don’t know the exact location. Therefore, it is essential to build a machine that can monitor mountain climbers’ health and provide their actual location through GPS.

Mountain Climber Health And GPS Monitor

8. Stress Analysis From EKG

Stress can lead to various other health issues, like premature graying of hair, anxiety, and even depression. Therefore, it is necessary to manage your stress. But the question arises how? It might be difficult to control stress, but it is possible to measure it in less than five minutes. Through electrocardiogram and heart rate variability detection, it is possible to measure the stress level of a person. The process could help in controlling diseases generated from stress.

Stress Analysis From EKG Biomedical project

9. Virtual Doctor Robot

Doctors are saviors of life. However, you cannot meet them at your desired time and place. Also, they, too, have life. You cannot meet them in the middle of the night unless you are very close to them. To solve the issue, you can build a virtual doctor robot. A tablet or mobile phone holder is attached to the robot’s top. It contains a controlled box. Apart from these, four wheels are connected to the robot to allow it to move left, right, backward, and forward. When the doctor talks to the patient through this robot, it starts moving to make the patient feel the doctor’s presence. Through this technique, doctors can see their patients from anywhere and anytime.

Virtual Doctor Robot Biomedical project

10. IOT Heart Attack Detection

The last topic in the list of top 10 best biomedical engineering project ideas is an IOT Heart Attack Detection. We live in a fast-paced world where we don’t have a healthy lifestyle because of stress and other social pressure, which results in an increasing number of heart patients. It is hard to detect a heart attack. Therefore, as a biomedical engineer, you can build an IoT heart attack detection which, by detecting the heart rate, helps save lives.

IOT Heart Attack Detection Biomedical Project

The sensor attached to the machine allows it to sense a person’s heartbeat. According to her preference, a person can set the upper limit and lower limit of the heartbeat rates. The microcontroller attached to this sensor checks the heart rate and sends related data to the person through the internet. When the heartbeat crosses the set limit, it sends an emergency signal.

To Get You Going

Biomedical Engineering is complex, and the project related to it needs to be well-researched and made. This article has discussed the top 10 best biomedical engineering project ideas from all available projects.


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