Top 10 Best Environmental Engineering Project Ideas

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The field of Civil Engineering is divided into many subfields, and Environmental Engineering is one of them. It deals with studying the effects of technology on the environment and coming up with solutions to protect every kind of life on earth and also protect nature. It aims to improve the quality of human life on Earth. This article will discuss the top 10 best environmental engineering project ideas to help you build your project.

Like every other engineering degree, it is also a four-year degree course after the completion of which the student works in the respected field. However, students must present at least one project to get the degree. Finding the right topic for the project might be a headache for some. So, here your go. Let us dive straight into it.

1. Effects Of Pesticides On Fishes

The first of the top 10 best environmental engineering project ideas would be demonstrating the effect of pesticides on fish. In most cities and countries, fish are the primary food source among all marine animals. Also, they are the sole source of income for many families. Nowadays, fish are used for relaxation purposes as well.

Top 10 Best Environmental Engineering Project Ideas

However, some human activities, like discharging contaminated industry water into rivers and seas, could adversely affect fish’s life. This contaminated water contains some forms of pesticides which, according to research, affects the metabolism activity of fishes. Among all the insecticides or pesticides, dichlorvos has the most potential to affect fish life. As an environmental engineer, you can gather all the information about pesticides’ adverse effects on fish and devise a solution.

2. Waste Management

The biggest problem the developing nations face today is the mismanagement of waste. Therefore, the next environmental engineering project idea is the effective management of waste. Waste management covers everything from waste storage, collection, classification, transportation, treatment, and disposal.

An effective strategy to manage waste is the three R rule. They stand for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These are golden rules and procedures for extracting the maximum benefit from waste material. Many waste management projects are going on, for instance, the Rejuvenation of Lakes, the Construction of the Sewage Treatment Plane, the Zero Waste Initiative, etc.

3. Rain Water Harvesting

70% of Earth is covered with water, 97.5% of which is salt water, and only 2.5% of it is freshwater, which is available in the form of glaciers and snowfields. According to a NASA scientist, we don’t have an infinite water source, and the water table is going down rapidly. Undoubtedly, the Earth will never run out of water, but if everything remains the same, we will soon run out of fresh water.

Top 10 Best Environmental Engineering Project Ideas

However, one solution to this problem is rainwater harvesting. By 2050, almost half of the Earth’s population will live in a water-stressed environment that could be protected through rainwater harvesting.

4. Removal of O-Cresol

Our next environmental engineering project idea is the removal of o-cresol. O-cresol is also called ortho-cresol, 2-hydroxytoluene, and 2-methylphenol. It is used as the intermediate when producing other compounds like insecticides, disinfectants, cleaning agents, epoxy resins, etc. O-cresol is a colorless solid that causes skin cancer, and digestion can lead to death when it comes in contact with the skin. Cresols are formed during the smoking and burning of wood, fuels, coal, etc. Being soluble in water and highly stable, it is very harmful to humans and the environment. Therefore, it is essential to treat tap water to remove its toxicity.

Removal of O-Cresol Environmental Project

5. Biogas Generation From Organic Waste

The best method to manage organic waste is by generating biogas. This biogas is produced from the anaerobic fermentation of organic material, making it a renewable energy source. Much research is happening in the current scenario of environmental problems like global warming, pollution, etc. Many processes are there to break down organic material to produce biogas, but the most effective is the one that includes anaerobic fermentation. Anaerobic fermentation means the breaking down of organic material by bacteria in the absence of oxygen in a tight chamber.

Top 10 Best Environmental Engineering Project Ideas

6. Climate Change Model

As environmental engineering primarily deals with studying the effect of human behavior on the environment, what would be more intriguing than creating a model showcasing climate change? Because of many human activities like deforestation, the use of harmful chemicals, polluting water bodies, etc., the climate is changing rapidly. Technologies are being built to modernize human living, but we tend to forget that they have a negative effect on the environment. If you are making a climate change model, you must include everything from the atmosphere and ocean to land and how they are affected.

Climate Change Model

7. Anaerobic and Aerobic Treatment of Sugar Industry Waste Water

Nowadays, the sugar industry is not only producing sugar from sugar cane and sugar beet but also producing electricity and ethanol. Those are the by-products we get after the treatment of wastewater. The wastewater of the sugar water industry, if discharged into water bodies without treatment, will not only pollute the water bodies but also give a foul smell. Therefore, before releasing the water, it goes through various treatment stages. Nowadays, increasing environmental concern leads industries to use anaerobic treatment. Nevertheless, many use the same old method and even some discharge water without treatment.

Top 10 Best Environmental Engineering Project Ideas

8. Bio-Monitoring of Air Pollution

The following environmental engineering project idea is bio-monitoring of air pollution. Bio-monitoring of air pollution means estimating the quantity of pollutants present inside a human body and to what extent humans in a particular area are exposed to air pollution. Using this measurement, scientists and engineers determine what kind of pollution affects what part of the body and how the further implications could be stopped. Biological monitoring of air pollution is also done using plants. Plants are exposed to air pollution to see its various side effects on them.

Bio-Monitoring of Air Pollution

9. Indoor Pollution

Many harmful compounds are found inside the home, like sulfur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, etc., making the home environment as toxic as the outside. The critical part here is that most of the population is unaware of inside pollution. Indoor pollution means when the air inside a home or a building gets contaminated either chemically, biologically, or physically. As an environmental engineer, you must devise an idea for stopping or decreasing this pollution.

Indoor Air Pollution

10. Removal Of Heavy Metals From Polluted Water

The last of the top 10 best environmental engineering project ideas is to clean polluted water. Untreated water contains many toxic elements like heavy metals, insecticides, poisonous gasses, etc. And when discharged into water bodies, it causes various health issues. Our next environmental engineering project idea is the removal of heavy metals from polluted water. Multiple methods, like filtration, ion exchange, and adsorption, remove heavy metals.

Removal Of Heavy Metals From Polluted Water

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To Get Your Going

Environmental engineering is a vast field that deals with ecological issues, and environmental engineers, using the knowledge of engineering, chemistry, and soil science, solve environment-related problems. As the area is large, many ideas exist to build an environmental engineering project. However, this article has discussed the top 10 best environmental engineering project ideas.


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