Top 10 Best Mechatronics Engineering Project Ideas

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Mechatronics Engineering is a branch of engineering that brings forward innovations made by the collective combination of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. This engineering field unifies the other engineering subfields like computer science, robotics, telecommunication, electronics, control, system, and product engineering. Like other engineering fields, mechatronics engineering is also a four to five years degree course during which students have to submit one project related to their field. Below are the top 10 best mechatronics engineering project ideas to help you build an exceptional project.

1. Voice-Controlled WheelChair

The first mechatronics engineering project idea is voice controlled wheelchair. A large number of the population is physically disabled, which means they need something like a wheelchair to go from one place to another. Some of them, like paralytic patients, cannot even move their wheelchairs. Therefore, for those patients voice controlled wheelchairs can prove fruitful.

Mechatronics Voice-Controlled WheelChair

A voice-controlled wheelchair allows a patient to move the wheelchair by speaking into the microphone. The work of the microphone is to convert the voice into signal sensing, which carries the vehicle in the desired direction. The entire system of voice-controlled wheelchairs contains only two circuits; receiver and transmitter. Motor and driver assembly are present in the receiver circuit, while the voice recognition module is present in the transmitter circuit.

2. Visual Servoing Robotic Arm

Visual Servoing refers to controlling the robot’s motion through real-time feedback. The robotic arm is also known as the robotic manipulator. Earlier robotic arms were used only in larger-scale factories like automobile industries or for picking objects. But, nowadays, they are used for many small purposes, like welding, bin picking, painting, torquing, etc., to reduce human efforts. The camera attached to the robotic arms serves as the Visual Servoing. The camera is linked to the computer, which the operator uses to give directions to the robotic arm so that it can function better.

Mechatronics Visual Servoing Robotic Arm

3. Long Range Spy Robot with Obstacle Detection

The presence of robots in various human activities is regularly growing. They not only ease the tasks but can effectively perform them in no time. Long Range Spy Robot with obstacle detection works on the DTMF technology, which means the operator sends the commanding data through a call.

Top 10 Best Mechatronics Engineering Project Ideas

After receiving the phone call, the spy robot follows the operator’s command. Whenever it encounters an obstacle in its way, it stops immediately and remains in the same position until it gets another command from the operator’s end. In order to operate the spy robot, the operator has to call, and the robot has to pick up the call. This spy robot can move in all four directions, right, left, forward, and backward.

4. Automated Solar Grass Cutter

The next mechatronics engineering project idea is an automated solar grass cutter. The fully automated solar grass cutter cuts the grass without the interaction of any external forces. It means it cuts all the grasses of a garden once you ‘ON’ it. It has a sensor that detects the obstacles in its way.

Top 10 Best Mechatronics Engineering Project Ideas

The obstacle can be anything from animals, humans, and nonliving things that can potentially destroy the grass cutter. When it gets an obstacle in its way, it immediately stops and finds another clear path. Solar power is attached to the surface of an automated grass cutter so that it does not need another power source during grass cutting.

5. Android Controlled Hovercraft

The 5th of the top 10 best mechatronics engineering project ideas is related to a hovercraft. Hovercraft is a vehicle that can hover over water surface and land using different high-powered motors. Unlike other vehicles, a hovercraft does not have wheels. The design of the hovercraft enables it to hover. It is connected to the android phone through Bluetooth. The Bluetooth attached to the hover serves as the information receiver. After receiving information, Bluetooth sends the information to the microcontroller, which in return operates all the motors fitted in the device.

Mechatronics Android Controlled Hovercraft

There are three motors attached to the hovercraft. One motor is attached below the vehicle to generate enough force by rotating fans in order to hover it. The other motor attached to the vehicle behind enables it to move forward. And the third motor bends the air to let the hover move in the desired direction.

6. Automated Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening or farming refers to growing plants and crops without using soil while maintaining all its nutrients and not affecting the environment. This technique also reduces the dependence of plants on the water to a large extent, which means water conservation. With considerable benefits comes great responsibility. The plants grown in hydroponic conditions require a balanced ratio of water and nutrients timely as they develop. The regulating water gets hot, so you must also take care of the temperature. Apart from this, you will have to take care of the microbes that can potentially threaten crops.

Top 10 Best Mechatronics Engineering Project Ideas

7. Smart Home Automation

We have included smart home automation in the list of the top 10 best mechatronics engineering project ideas because of its numerous benefits. The world is getting automated, which means decreased human efforts and increased dependence on machines. Earlier, automation was limited to large-scale industries, but now it is used in homes as well. Under the home automation system, all the home’s smart appliances are connected to the smartphone, and you can turn them on and off with one click.

Top 10 Best Mechatronics Engineering Project Ideas

8. Automated Vacuum Cleaner Robot

An automated vacuum cleaner robot cleans the room or area without human interruption. This robot follows a zigzag path to clean the room using ultrasonic sensors. The vacuum attached to the robot’s surface is used for dust suction. Once you switch ON the robot, it automatically detects a safe corner and starts working from there. The floor should not have any large objects in order to ensure it works properly. The automated vacuum cleaner robot cannot detect obstacles in its way; therefore, as a mechatronics engineer, you can solve this problem and make your project different.

Top 10 Best Mechatronics Engineering Project Ideas

9. Plant Irrigating Water Sprinkle Robot

In order to sprinkle water on crops and plants, farmers need large pipes or as many sprinkles. To sprinkle water, they, too, need high-powered motors which run entirely on electricity. It leads to the wastage of water and overconsumption of electricity.

Water sprinkle robot not only minimizes the effort but also saves water. The robot is connected to wheels, electronic circuits, pipes, ultrasonic sensors, etc. After receiving information from the operator, it moves into the informed area and sprinkles water. They can rotate 360 degrees which covers a large area for the sprinkling of water and can move forward and backward.

10. Automated Drain Cleaner

Cleaning gutters and drainage has always been a vital issue. There are still places where laborers clean those dirty gutters, which is unethical in its own way. Not just this, the harmful gasses from those gutters, like carbon monoxide, can go inside the laborer’s body and lead to various health problems, including death. To solve this problem, automated drain cleaners are made. They are used for cleaning as well as clearing blockages.

To Get You Going

Initially, the name Mechatronics came from the Mech of Mechanics and Tronics from Electronics. Mechatronics engineering is a broad field and includes a large number of topics. This article has discussed the top 10 best mechatronics engineering project ideas.


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