Top 10 Best Robotics Engineering Project Ideas

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Robotics engineering is the collective combination of two different academic disciplines, engineering and computer science. Students who study robotics engineering are named robotics engineers. These engineers are inclined towards building different kinds of robots that can reduce human efforts and time. Therefore, we have brought the top 10 best robotics engineering project ideas to help you build an exceptional project.

In a way, robots are saving the lives of humans by doing various works in destructive environments, which include bomb diffusing, picking heavy objects, chemical industries, sewage cleaning, manufacturing, etc. Robots are increasing in every area of life, making the study of robotics engineering interesting. Numerous projects are available on the internet; finding the right one might take a lot of work. So let us look at some of the interesting robotics project ideas that you can implement.

1. Mobile Controlled Robot

Mobile Controlled Robot is also called the Dual Tone Multiple Frequency, DTMF Robot, as it is completely controlled via a call. Two cell phones are required to build this project, of which one is attached to the robot, and another is used to give the robot commands. To operate this robot, the operator calls, and if the robot is working fine, then it will pick up the call, and after hearing a dialing tone, it performs the required activity.

Top 10 Best Robotics Engineering Project Ideas

The microcontroller installed in the robotic system processes the information through an IC decoder. From here, the information is sent to the ICs motor driver, after which the motors start working.

2. Wi-Fi-Controlled Robot

Wi-fi controlled robots are entirely controlled through a wi-fi network. The automated program is created on an HTML web page connected through a server that executes the robot. After you click this program to give commands, the information is transmitted to the server and then to the Arduino. After receiving the command, the Arduino controls the motor, which in turn is responsible for the robot’s movement. Four engines are attached to the robot. To make your project more intriguing, you can give other features to the robot, like installing a camera, night detection, etc.

Top 10 Best Robotics Engineering Project Ideas

3. Animatronics Hand

Animatronics is the combination of two different words; Animation and Electronics. It means giving life-like features to a machine. This kind of robot is primarily used in filming and animation projects and is controlled by a program. There are many benefits of building an animatronic hand. For instance, the physically challenged person can use it, it can be used for repairing space stations in space, and there is a high risk of life during bomb diffusing, there the animatronics hand can prove life savior. Apart from these, it can also be in various other fields, like chemical, defense, industrial, and medical, as a helping hand.

Top 10 Best Robotics Engineering Project Ideas

4. Plastic and Metal Segregation Robot

Today most countries are dealing with improper waste management systems, including collection, segregation, and disposal. If left without treatment, this waste can cause various health-related issues. The toxic gas like carbon monoxide from this waste can even cause death. The increase in population leads to a rise in the different categories of waste.

Top 10 Best Robotics Engineering Project Ideas

However, if the wastes are carefully segregated, it would be straightforward to dispose of them as many metallic products in those wastes could be recycled for various other valuable uses. Besides, segregation is not a simple task on a larger scale, especially for humans. Therefore, to ease the process, robots can be made to segregate metals and other products from waste

5. 3D Printed Robot

Each part of the 3D printed robot is made from a 3D printing machine. The 3D printing machine has made building robots more accessible. Whatever parts of the robot you want, just make the configuration in the attached computer and get the printed parts within minutes. It saves time and allows you to experiment rapidly with your project. To make a 3D printed robot, you will need a 3D printing machine that is readily available in the market. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, you can find the procedure to make a 3D-printed robot.

Top 10 Best Robotics Engineering Project Ideas

6. Solar Floor Cleaner Robot

It is not possible for a single person to clean a large area, but when it comes to robots, they can clean the same area effectively and without getting tired. Nevertheless, robots, too, need external energy to run correctly. Solar floor cleaner robots are designed to effectively clean the floors of a large or small area without needing any external power supply. The cleaner robot is fully automated and runs on solar power. The vacuum attached to the robot helps in sucking dust, and a water tank and brush are attached for wet cleaning. As a robotic engineer, you can make this project more innovative by installing other devices.

Top 10 Best Robotics Engineering Project Ideas

7. Pick and Place Robotic Vehicle

Pick and place robots are mainly used in large-scale industries like automobile industries. These robotic vehicles are used for picking heavy objects and placing them in the desired place. They are quick compared to humans and never get tired of working. They can be upgraded timely for better functioning.

There are three kinds of pick-and-place robotic vehicles; spherical, cylindrical, and articulate robots. The cylindrical robot moves in rotational, vertical, and horizontal axes.

The spherical robot does one linear and two rotational movements. And the articulate ones are fixed, having three vertical rotary arms.

8. Physiotherapy Robot

Another interesting project in the list of Top 10 Best Robotics Engineering Project Ideas is a Physiotherapy Robot. Different parts of the organ are designated to perform various activities. In case any of those organs do not function, it becomes difficult for the person to perform their day-to-day activities. Many diseases directly affect functioning and block the movement of the body. These people can get depressed and even hesitate to connect socially.

Therefore, researchers from different parts of the world are trying to improve their lives by building physiotherapy robotics parts that can be used in place of the affected body parts. Rehabilitation robots also fall into this category which is used for supporting the patients’ weight so that the patient can exercise appropriately for a longer time.

9. Wall Painting Robot

Wall painting is a boring as well as a tiring task because of the repeated hand-rising work. And, if your house is large, it is impossible for a single person to paint the whole house. Here comes the use of wall painting robots. Wall painting robots are made to reduce the cost of the painting equipment. They also reduce human efforts. Apart from this, many harmful chemicals in paint can damage the human painter’s eye. The risk can be avoided by using a wall painting robot.

10. Water Filling Conveyor

Water-filling conveyor machines are mainly used in the beverage industry for filling drinks in bottles. The attached conveyer belt helps in filling bottles quickly. The connected sensor detects when the bottles are filled or unfilled.

Making a water-filling conveyor using Arduino is an easy task. You must program the Arduino to detect the bottles through a sensor and stop the belt for some time to fill the bottle.

To Get You Going

Robots are made in every field of work to reduce human efforts. Earlier, robots were limited to only doing risky work, but nowadays, they have entered our houses and performed various tasks from grass cutting to cleaning. From those robotics project ideas, this article has discussed the top 10 best robotics engineering project ideas.


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