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Crafting enthusiasts, get ready to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and self-expression as we delve into the top 10 craft trends to try in 2023. This year promises an exciting array of innovative techniques, nostalgic revivals, and captivating art forms that will ignite your passion for all things handmade.

From upcycling and vintage-inspired crafts that breathe new life into old treasures to the art of embellishments that add a touch of sparkle and personality to your creations, the crafting scene is brimming with possibilities. Find your inner bohemian with macramé plant hangers that infuse spaces with natural beauty and whimsy. Discover the therapeutic and mesmerizing art form of Zentangles, and immerse yourself in the soothing rhythm of watercolor journaling.

So, let your imagination run wild, embrace these craft trends, and embark on a creative journey that will leave you inspired, fulfilled, and proud of your handmade creations.

List of Top 10 Craft Trends to Try in 2023

1. Upcycling and Vintage

Upcycling and vintage-inspired crafts are one of the top craft trends to try in 2023. Upcycling refers to the process of transforming old or unused items into new and functional objects, breathing new life into them. This trend involves incorporating nostalgic elements and retro aesthetics into your creations.

Top 10 Craft Trends to Try in 2023 - Upcycling

It could involve repurposing vintage fabrics, using vintage-inspired patterns, or incorporating vintage motifs into your designs. By giving old items a fresh purpose, you can create one-of-a-kind pieces that have a charming and timeless appeal. Whether it’s turning old furniture into statement pieces, revamping vintage clothing, or incorporating vintage elements into home decor, this trend allows you to add character and uniqueness to your creations.

It’s a sustainable and creative approach that promotes recycling and reducing waste. With the emphasis on sustainability and the resurgence of vintage aesthetics, upcycling, and vintage-inspired crafts are expected to be highly sought after in 2023.

2. Embellishments

Embellishments are set to be a prominent craft trend in 2023, offering a delightful way to add charm and personality to various projects. Whether it’s clothing, accessories, home decor, or paper crafts, embellishments allow you to elevate your creations with eye-catching details.

This trend encompasses a wide range of decorative elements, including beads, sequins, rhinestones, buttons, appliques, embroidery, and more. They can be used to accentuate designs, create texture, or simply bring a touch of sparkle and visual interest to your craftwork. You can experiment with different materials, sizes, and colors to achieve the desired effect. From subtle and delicate accents to bold and statement-making embellishments, the choice is yours.

Top 10 Craft Trends to Try in 2023 - Embellishments

Adding embellishments to your crafts enhances their visual appeal and allows you to showcase your creativity and individuality. Whether you’re revamping an old garment, designing handmade accessories, or creating decorative pieces, incorporating embellishments will instantly elevate your creations.

3. Needle Felting

Needle felting is a craft trend that is expected to continue its rise in popularity in 2023. It involves using a specialized barbed needle to shape and sculpt wool fibers into various forms and designs. With this technique, you can create adorable animals, intricate sculptures, decorative objects, and even wearable accessories.

One of the reasons needle feltings have gained traction is their versatility and accessibility. It allows both beginners and experienced crafters to explore their creativity and bring their imaginations to life. The needle felting process involves repeatedly poking the wool fibers with the barbed needle, which interlocks and compresses the fibers together. This allows you to shape and sculpt the wool into desired shapes. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to create cute animal figurines, intricate botanical designs, or unique decorations.

Top 10 Craft Trends to Try in 2023 - Needle Felting

You can experiment with different colors, textures, and techniques to create truly unique pieces. Additionally, needle felting lends itself well to incorporating other materials like beads or fabric to enhance the finished creations.

4. Punch Needle Embroidery

Punch needle embroidery is set to be a prominent craft trend in 2023, capturing the attention of crafters with its unique texture and versatility. It involves using a special needle, often referred to as a punch needle, to create loops of thread or yarn on a fabric surface, resulting in a raised and textured design.

Punch needle embroidery allows for a wide range of creative possibilities. From small-scale projects like hoop art and patches to larger works such as wall hangings or pillows, this craft offers opportunities for both decorative and functional applications. The technique can be adapted to various fabrics, including traditional embroidery cloth, canvas, and even clothing items.

Top 10 Craft Trends to Try in 2023 - Punch Needle Embroidery

The repetitive punching motion is also meditative and soothing, offering a therapeutic experience. With punch needle embroidery, you can explore different thread or yarn types, experiment with varying needle depths for different textures, and mix colors to create stunning visual effects. The raised texture of the loops adds depth and dimension to your designs, making them visually striking and tactile.

5. Crochet

Crochet is a timeless craft that remains popular and is expected to continue its reign in 2023. This versatile technique involves using a crochet hook and yarn to create a wide range of items, including clothing, accessories, home decor, and more. Crochet offers a unique combination of creativity, relaxation, and practicality. It allows you to craft intricate stitch patterns, experiment with different yarn types and colors, and customize your creations to suit your style. From cozy blankets and scarves to stylish sweaters and hats, the possibilities are vast.

In addition to traditional crochet, new trends, and techniques continue to emerge, such as Tunisian crochet and amigurumi. Tunisian crochet combines elements of crochet and knitting, resulting in a fabric with a beautiful woven appearance. Amigurumi, on the other hand, involves creating adorable stuffed animals and plush toys using crochet techniques.

A group of crocheted objects

This craft trend also offers a sense of nostalgia and connection to tradition. It brings a handmade touch to modern life and allows crafters to express their individuality through their creations. With an abundance of online tutorials, patterns, and vibrant crochet communities, it’s easier than ever to learn and explore this beloved craft.

6. Kilim Weaving

Kilim weaving, an ancient textile art form, is making a notable comeback as a craft trend to watch in 2023. Originating from various regions, including the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, kilim weaving is characterized by its flat-woven structure and intricate geometric patterns. In the age of mass production, kilim weaving stands as a testament to slow craftsmanship and the preservation of cultural heritage. By embracing this craft trend, you can not only create beautiful and meaningful textiles but also support the continuation of a time-honored tradition.

This craft trend appeals to those seeking a deeper connection to cultural heritage and a desire to embrace handmade, artisanal pieces. Kilim weaving involves the interweaving of colorful threads on a loom to create rugs, tapestries, wall hangings, and other decorative textiles.

A colorful blanket made by kilim weaving on a grass field

What sets kilim weaving apart is its rich history and the storytelling aspect embedded within the patterns. Each design carries symbolism, cultural significance, and a sense of tradition. It’s a craft that connects us to the past while allowing for contemporary interpretations and creative expressions.

7. Macramé Plant Hangers

Macramé plant hangers continue to be a popular craft trend, and they are expected to flourish even more in 2023. This bohemian-inspired craft involves using various knotting techniques to create beautiful and functional hangers for plants. This craft trend offers a stylish and creative way to display indoor plants, bringing a touch of nature and texture to any space. They can be customized to fit different pot sizes and plant varieties, making them versatile and adaptable to various home decor styles.

Creating macramé plant hangers allows crafters to explore different knot patterns, experiment with various types of cords and fibers, and add embellishments like beads or fringe for a unique touch. The process of knotting is both calming and satisfying, offering a therapeutic experience while crafting.

A group of potted plants on Macrame Plant Hangers

These plant hangers not only add visual interest and greenery to a room but also maximize space by utilizing vertical areas. They can be hung from ceilings, walls, or even outdoors, making them an excellent solution for small or urban spaces.

8. Miniature Food Sculptures

Miniature food sculptures are a delightful craft trend that is gaining momentum and is set to shine in 2023. These tiny culinary creations involve sculpting realistic-looking miniature food items using various materials such as polymer clay, resin, or air-dry clay.

Creating miniature food sculptures allows crafters to showcase their attention to detail and artistic skills. From tiny cakes and pastries to miniature fruits and vegetables, the possibilities are endless. These intricate sculptures can be used for dollhouse displays, jewelry making, as adorable charms, or simply as decorative pieces.

A plate with Miniature Food Sculptures

This craft trend appeals to those who appreciate the artistry of food and have a fascination with miniatures. The process of sculpting and detailing each tiny component is both challenging and rewarding, resulting in incredibly lifelike and adorable representations of food. Miniature food sculptures offer a unique combination of creativity, craftsmanship, and whimsy.

9. Zentangles

Zentangles, a form of meditative doodling, are expected to continue their popularity as the soothing and creative craft trends in 2023. This art form involves drawing intricate patterns and repetitive designs within defined spaces, resulting in beautiful and mesmerizing compositions. They can be framed as standalone art pieces, used as decorative elements on greeting cards or journals, or incorporated into mixed media artwork.

This craft trend offers a therapeutic and calming experience, allowing individuals to relax and focus their attention on creating intricate patterns. It’s a meditative practice that promotes mindfulness, stress reduction, and self-expression.

A Zentangle art

The beauty of Zentangles lies in their simplicity and accessibility. You don’t need any prior artistic skills or expensive materials to get started. All you need is a pen or pencil and paper. With a variety of patterns and techniques to explore, each Zentangle becomes a unique and personal creation.

10. Watercolor Journaling

Watercolor journaling is one of the captivating craft trends that combines the expressive qualities of watercolor painting with the personal reflection of journaling. It involves using watercolor paints or pencils to create beautiful, colorful illustrations in a journal or sketchbook, accompanied by written thoughts, memories, or observations. This craft trend promotes self-reflection, mindfulness, and creativity. It encourages you to slow down, observe your environment, and translate your experiences onto paper with a splash of color.

This craft trend uniquely documents and captures life’s moments, experiences, and emotions. It allows you to create visual narratives that beautifully merge art and writing. Whether it’s capturing scenes from nature, travel adventures, or everyday moments, watercolor journaling encourages a deeper connection with your surroundings.

An image of Watercolor Journaling

The versatility of watercolor makes it an ideal medium for journaling. From vibrant washes and delicate washes to expressive brushstrokes and intricate details, watercolors offer a wide range of possibilities to express yourself artistically. Watercolor journaling also serves as a personal keepsake, allowing you to revisit and cherish memories through visual and written narratives.


These top 10 craft trends to try in 2023 promise an exciting and diverse landscape for crafters and artisans. From the mesmerizing beauty of resin art to the intricate knotting of macramé, there is something for everyone to explore and create. As sustainability continues to be a driving force, upcycling and natural dyeing provide avenues for eco-friendly crafting. The fusion of traditional crafts with modern technology in digital crafts opens up new possibilities for innovation. Whether you’re passionate about embroidery, clay crafts, or paper crafts, these trends offer endless opportunities for artistic expression. Embrace these trends, experiment with new techniques, and let your creativity shine as you embark on a craft-filled journey in 2023.

Note: Always follow proper instructions, use appropriate protective gear, and carefully handle tools and materials. If you’re unsure about a certain technique or material, seek guidance or do thorough research to ensure a safe crafting experience.

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