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Christmas is celebrated on 25 December of each year around the world, memorializing the birthday of Jesus Christ. Every year we get to see some trends in Christmas decorations. The theme of 2022 Christmas is candles, lavender, snow-covered Christmas trees, alternative Christmas trees, bottle brush trees, paper decorations, colored glasses, owls, reusable crackers, and shopping bags. And the color is blue and gold. Keeping all the above trending ideas in mind, we will discuss the top 10 DIY Christmas Decoration ideas that can make this year’s Christmas memorable for you.

List of Top 10 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

All the DIYs this article will discuss are a hell of a lot easier. You will need very few items to make the stuff. So, let us dive straight into discussing the top 10 DIY Christmas decoration ideas.

1. Hanging Stars

The first one among the top 10 DIY Christmas decorations is hanging stars. Christmas decoration is incomplete without hanging stars. And what could be fascinating more than knowing you can make them yourself? To make hanging stars, you will need textured wallpaper, long strips of your favorite color, glue, or a sewing machine.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Decoration | Christmas 2022

First, draw a star-like shape on plane paper and, using a scissor, cut that out. Now, place the paper on the textured wallpaper, trace the star, and cut that out. Make sure you cut two stars likewise. Join them together using glue or the sewing machine. Take two strips and twist them together. Join one side of the twisted strip to one of the top points of the star.

2. Stocking Hangers

The next DIY Christmas decoration is Stocking Hangers. If you have lots of wood in your house, it’s time to bring them to your use. To make stocking hangers, you must have 10 X 30 wooden boards, acrylic paint, as many hooks as you want, a drill, and stockings.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Decoration | Christmas 2022

Take the wooden board, paint it with acrylic paint, and let it dry overnight. Using the drill or screwdriver, make holes in the board and attach the hooks. Over each hook, place your stocking. To give your stocking hanger a more exciting look, you can write the name of the owner of each stocking above their respective stocking hook.

3. Paper Garland

There are different ideas available for making garland, from hard to easy. However, it is entirely up to you which one you choose. If you are looking for something easy that consumes less time, you should try making paper garlands. If you don’t have paper, you can also use tissue paper.

Christmas 2022 Decorations

To make garlands, you must first make tiny strips of paper. Fold the strips from the middle to get a crease. Now, join the strips such that they form a cross together. Next, take both ends of a strip and join them together, forming a ball shape. Join all other strips the same way. Make as many such designs as you want and join them together with a piece of fabric.

4. Ornamental Trees

Cook pine trees are the soul of Christmas decorations. But what if you don’t find one? And even if you have a Christmas tree, you can go for making ornamental trees. To make an ornamental tree, you will need a cone, store-bought ball ornaments, and glue.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Decoration | Christmas 2022

First of all, you have to give sparkles to your ornaments. You can do it by spraying paints on the ornaments. Now, take the cone and use the glue to stick the ornaments on it. When done with it, take some tinsel and attach it to the left-out areas. On the top of the cone, you can place your favorite cartoon character or an owl.

5. Hanging Snowflakes

As we know, every year, Christmas is in the winter season. Therefore, it is very evident to give your Christmas decoration a little winter-like look. You can try making hanging snowflakes for that purpose. To make it, you will need different colors of square paper, scissors, thread, and tape.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Decoration | Christmas 2022

Take a square piece of paper and fold it into a triangle shape two times. Now, give it different shapes using a pencil and a scissor. Just like the first one, try making as many snowflakes as you want. Take a thread and use it to attach snowflakes together. Attach the snowflakes to the ceiling and wall of your room using tape.

6. Christmas Village

Making a Christmas village is fun and interesting. Undoubtedly, it is a little harder to make than other DIY ideas we have discussed so far. You can make a Christmas village however you like. You don’t have to worry about creating a house if you have a birdhouse in your home. All you have to do is take the birdhouse and paint it with your favorite color. Using glue, stick some soft white pieces of cotton around the edges of the house. You can make the outside of the house using cotton, giving it a snowy look.

7. Christmas Candle

If you are doing all the decorations for Christmas this year by yourself, do not forget to include Christmas candles. They are a must and can quickly get prepared. For making Christmas candles, all you need are soy wax, jars, some fragrance oil, a wick, and a glass container.

Christmas 2022 Decorations

First, you have to melt the soy wax. When it gets melted, add the fragrance oil. Take the glass container and put one spoonful of melted water into it. Place the wick in the glass container when it gets a bit dry. Make sure the wick is long enough. Now, pour all the melted wax into the glass container. Leave the wax to get it dry. You can also make DIY candle holders for this decoration to look even more enticing.

8. Christmas Star

To make a Christmas star, you only need white cards, glue, scissors, pencils, and scales. Take a white card and fold it in half, then again fold it in half, and then fold the paper in a triangle shape. Open the card. Using a ruler, mark a distance of four centimeters from the center.

Christmas 2022 Decorations

From the edges of each center line (four in number), snip using a scissor until you reach the marked line. Now, fold the cut towards the diagonally folded line. Join the two sides of the flap using glue. Now, turn it around and give it a star-shaped look.

9. Pom-Pom Garland/Wreath

There are a hundred types of pom poms that you can make according to the season and theme, pom poms mobiles and pom poms garlands, for instance. It is one of the best among the top 10 DIY Christmas decoration ideas, and to create it, all you need are yarn, pom poms makers, scissors, a foam wreath, and pins. Pom Poms wreath gives your door an elegant look during Christmas. So, make sure you make it. You can also try making paper flower wreaths as well.

Christmas 2022 Decorations

10. Yarn Trees

How could one forget to make yarn trees for Christmas decorations? If you are running out of time and have no idea what to do to make your Christmas special, then you should try making yarn trees, as they are easier to make and look beautiful. Besides, you can gift yarn trees to your loved one as well.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas | Christmas 2022

To make yarn trees, you will need cones, thick yarn, fuzzy yarn, pins, and some decorative items of your choice. Take both yarns and wrap them around the cones from bottom to top. After reaching and covering the top, pin the yarn. Now, wrap the yarns from top to bottom. After the completion, pin the yarn at the bottom. Now, you can do the decoration as you like.

To Get You Going

Christmas is around the corner, and if you still need to plan how to do the decorations and carry out the theme simultaneously, you must try out some DIYs. This article has discussed the top 10 DIY Christmas decoration ideas and their method. We are also providing recommendations for you to make these decorations on your own and also to find some more exciting ideas.


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