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Christmas is just a few days away. Indeed, in your holidays, you will put all your efforts into making your Christmas decorations memorable. You do not want to buy new decorative stuff that will add only to your previous collections. However, at the same time, you want your decorations to be extraordinary. This article will discuss the top 10 DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas. And guess what? You will certainly have all the items we will discuss in this article.

List Of Top 10 DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Thousands of DIY articles are available on the internet but selecting the right one is a little burdensome. From those thousands of DIYs, we have chosen the top 10 DIY that has the potential to make your Christmas memorable for years. Let us dive straight into discussing top DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas.

1. Jingle Bell Ornaments

Who could forget to include bells for the Christmas tree decorations? But this year, give them a new look. To make Jingle bells, you will need medium size bells, colorful ribbons, glue, glitters, and pipe cleaners.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Tree Decorations | Christmas 2022

Take all the jingle bells and cover them with glitters using glue. Now, take a pipe cleaner and add two bells at both ends of the pipe cleaner. Next, bend the cleaner in half, creating a loop. Using this loop, you will hang the bells on the Christmas tree. Take another pipe cleaner. Attach a bell at the end of it and tie it to the first one such that it hangs more than the other two in the middle.

2. Wood Bead Snowflakes

Wood beads are straightforward to make and can be prepared in less time. Making wood beads is enjoyable, so try asking your friends, sisters, or neighbors to join you. To make wood bead snowflakes, you will need wooden beads, jewelry wire, ribbon, and wire cutters. First, create a snowflake design on paper. You can get various wood bead snowflakes designs on the internet and then try making them.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Tree Decorations | Christmas 2022

3. Old Photos

What could be more interesting than remembering your good old memories on Christmas? Find out your family album and select some fantastic photos. Now, take the wooden sheet and cut it into many pieces. The size of each wooden piece should be equal to the size of your photos. Now, paint the bottom of the wooden piece with your favorite color.

On the front side of the sheet, apply some glue and paste your photo. Once your image is perfectly applied on the sheet, take a small piece of ribbon, and fold it to create a loop for hanging. Using glue, attach the two ends of the ribbon to the back of the sheet.

4. Art Ornament

Children are the happiest souls on Christmas day. You should try these DIY Christmas tree decorations to make your Christmas day more unique. To make this, ask your children to draw something on paper out of their imagination.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Tree Decorations | Christmas 2022

Take a square-shaped wooden ornament. Ensure the wood is light, as the gravitational force can ruin tree decorations. However, If you don’t have them, you can effortlessly get them from the market. Drill a small hole on top of each wooden ornament. Make those ornaments colorful. Using glue, attach your children’s drawing to it. Now, with the help of strings, hang the art on the Christmas tree.

5. Owls

Owl decorations are trending in Christmas 2023, and you must try them out. The topmost part of the Christmas tree is empty without an owl. To make owls for Christmas tree decorations, you will need a cardboard tube of toilet paper, white paint, and two circular shapes cut out from cardboard.

Paint the tube with white paint. Let it dry. Fold one side of the tube into the center and another one on top of that. Fold the end of the tube the same way. The upper part will act as the eyes, and the lower part will serve as the feather. Stick the eyes on the top and the feather in the middle. Decorate your owl however you like.

6. Glass Popcorn

Try out these DIY decorations if you want your Christmas tree decorations to look different and exciting. To make glass popcorn, you will need a round glass ball, popcorn kernels, a microwave, a paper bag, and a ribbon.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Tree Decorations | Christmas 2022

Remove the metal cap from the glass ball and add one tablespoonful of the popcorn kernel. Wrap the glass ball in a paper bag fully. Now, place the ball inside a microwave for one to two minutes. Take out the ball and cover it with its metal cap. Using a ribbon, hang it on the Christmas tree. You can make glass popcorn as much as you want but remember not to use a plastic ball as it can melt during cooking.

7. Bulb Tattoos

This DIY is as intriguing as it sounds. The important thing here is that you won’t need much stuff to make, and it is easier to make than those we discussed earlier. To make tomato tattoos, you will need white bulbs, temporary tattoos, small ribbons, a decoupage, decorative items, a brush, and a sponge.

Christmas Tree 2022 Donut Decoration

Take your temporary tattoos and cut them according to the size of the bulb. Peel off the plastic from the tattoos and carefully cover the bulb. Hold the tattoo in its position for at least thirty seconds. Gently remove the plastic. Seal the texture of the tattoos using decoupage and let it dry. Hang the bulb on the Christmas tree using a ribbon.

8. Gingerbread Man

This year give your Christmas tree a delicious look by decorating it with a gingerbread man. To make a gingerbread man, you will need flour, cinnamon, salt, water, oil, ribbon, a gingerbread man cutter, and ornaments.

Christmas Tree 2022 Donut Decoration

Mix flour, cinnamon, and salt together in a bowl. Keep aside a little portion of the mixture for rolling dough. Add several drops of oil to the mixture. Next, add water and knead the mixture until it gives a smooth consistency. Roll it like cookie dough and cut the shape. Make a small hole on the head of each gingerbread man. Bake the cookies for thirty minutes at 300 degrees. Take out the cookies and tie them using a ribbon.

9. Donuts

If your family is a foodie, then the next DIY Christmas tree decoration is undoubtedly for you. To make decorative donuts, you will need Plaster of Paris, something to stir, paper clips, a hammer, paint, brushes, a disposable tub, a donut pan, and twine.

Christmas Tree 2022 Donut Decoration

Take a twine, attach one side to the paper clips, and place the paper clips inside the donut pan. Do the same with other paper clips as well and place them inside the donut pan. Stir your plaster of Paris and pour it into each donut pan. Leave them until they get dried. Once they are dry, flip your pan and carefully pat it using a hammer. When the donuts are out of the pans, color them and hang them on your Christmas tree.

10. Painted Wood

If you or your children are fans of some cartoon characters, then you should try these DIY Christmas tree decorations. To make painted wood, you will need a wooden sheet, a paper sheet, a scissor, colors, and strings.

Top 10 DIY Christmas Tree Decorations | Christmas 2022

Take a sheet of paper and make your favorite cartoon characters on it. Now, take the wooden sheet and trace the cartoon character on it. Cut out the cartoon character from the rigid sheet. Similarly, make as many minor cartoon characters as you want. Make a small hole on the head of each cartoon for hanging. After coloring all those characters, place the string inside the hole and make a small loop for hanging.

To Get You Going

Christmas holidays are arriving, and if you still have not thought about how you would be decorating your Christmas tree, then we bought the top 10 DIY Christmas tree decorations ideas. They are simple and can make your Christmas even more special.


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